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Gaming with Toys

I was recently looking at Mike Rayhawk's website and ran across this...

"...I was hanging around in Barnes and Noble and I spotted the latest issue of Dragon magazine on the rack. On a lark, I picked it up and flipped it open, to check on the state of the world of Dungeons and Dragons. And on the very first page I open to, what do I see but an article about my Knights Kingdom sets, profiled as the most D&D-friendly Lego line of all time! I was dumbfounded. After so many years of trying to combine Lego and gaming, and this is how I finally break into Dragon."

So I had a look at his concept art for Knights' Kingdom (which is very cool) and began to wonder how many D&D parents already have this stuff all over the house? (At my house, it's Playmobil knights, but no matter which toy product-line you prefer, the idea is very similar...) So, you already have these toys lying around, why not use them for gaming? It's a very child-friendly introduction to miniature gaming. Kids are already familiar and comfortable with their toys and you can broaden their expectations by using the toys in a new or more-sophisticated way by applying new rules to them. Like miniatures, toys can also provide a concrete explanation for otherwise abstract game situations-- like "you were standing next to the chest when it exploded, that's why you took damage."

Do you already use toys in your game sessions? How? Share your tips and tricks.


I hadn't even considered it! I mean sure it works and all, but... i dunno... it seems to kind of cheapen the whole D&D Experience. Or that it might make it all seem a bit too silly.

I think it's an EXCELLENT idea for 2nd and 3rd-year players (and beyond), but I like to impress upon my players that this isn't a "Play Time" like they're used to. This is something serious and adult that they get to be a part of. And ancient ritual with traditions and customs going all the way back to the early 1970's (an ancient and legendary time to them). I play it all up really big... the sellection and "training" of their dice, the proper care and respect for the "Lead" figures (not some sort of mixture between pewter and steel from what I understand?)

Having us act out our battle using brightly-colored plastic men who refuse to stop their grinning regardless of how grievous their wounds may be? it just kinda makes it... less. i have no other word for it.

However! I am more than willing to give it a try, and will be using some of the 27-gazilion Playmobile folks at my disposal in our next adventure!
Good for you! Put those little Playmobil grins to use. :D I hope it goes well-- and let us know how it turns out!
Family Time :)

November 2008

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