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Family RPG Gaming Discussion
Maybe you found ways to continue your gaming uninterrupted by child rearing. Perhaps you are returning from hiatus and are taking on 4th edition in all of its glory/madness. Perchance you attend or run games with or for children. Even if you are just discovering RPG's through your child's interests and are looking to connect with them and make them feel comfortable gaming in your home, with or without your participation. Maybe you are a teen looking for ways to help your parents look past the stigma and stereotypes brought on by negative media and a few "bad seeds." This is a place for you.

Families who Game together, STAY together! LOL

In all seriousness, many parents gave up RPG's when they began families. Whether it was forsaken due to time, difficulty to participate/run/enjoy games w/ a small one around, or just lack of other people to game with who had similar newly discovered) family-oriented values, many of us let that part of our lives whither and die in the shadow of becoming a parent. Here, we believe that RPG's can be used as a tool to bring families closer to one another and help children develop in intellect, creativity and problem solving.

The likelihood of children discovering RPG's on their own is high. Why not make sure its in an environment of love and safety? Be that home that the other kids know its cool to come and game at and learn how to talk to the uninformed parent about the Pro's of Gaming and the benefits it can bring to their child.

We have chosen to moderate membership because it is inevitable that our children will be discussed and so we would much prefer to have a bit of an idea who we're all working with. If you don't mind, please email us at (DNDFamilies at gmail dot com) with your answers to the following questions and then apply for membership. Though its not required, we greatly appreciate it. NONE of this information will be shared unless you choose to post it in your intro.

1.) your LJ id
2.) Your Age group--child (under 13 require parental approval)teen or adult
3.) Are you a Mother/Father/Child or a Gamer considering starting a family?
4.) Number of Children/Ages (where applicable)
5.) Experience level (Years, System, what edition, etc)
6.) What brought you here and what you are looking for out of this community?
7.) Anything else you would like to add.


The basics apply, we'll keep it simple for now:
1.) Please introduce yourself :) Even if you are invited by a moderator, not Everyone will know who you are, so, Share the wealth! Let others know what you bring to the table, especially any specialties you may have :)
2.) Please utilize LJ Cuts for pics and extremely long posts.
3.) Play Nice. (notice the lack of "please" in that statement)-- While we realize not everyone feels that RPG's are for everyone, specifically children, flaming will not be tolerated, period. More on this later.
4.) Try to keep posts as focused on the community structure as possible. Keep in mind that this is a place for sharing fun stories about gaming experiences with your children, campaign ideas, game related news and other media and above all, creating a wholesome environment to learn/teach/game/experience RPG's with your family.

So, WELCOME! Have fun and please share with us!